Project Description

We charge $40 per hour, or $200 per presentation, which ever is in favor of the client, for content generation. All materials generated become the property of the business after the first presentation and can be reproduced and distributed as deemed necessary for business relations.

We have two options for our presentations:

If you are giving a free presentation, we charge a flat $50 for the presentation. This includes printing materials, the presentation, organization of a small raffle to promote your business (prize not included), and the presentation itself.

If you are charging for the presentation, we charge 20% of profits, with a minimum payment of $50 to cover time and supplies. The above services are still included.

Interested in sharing your business space for a health presentation? We would love to help you gain exposure. We share 20% of profits on any presentation with paid admission. At this time, we do not pay to use space for free presentations.

Business Presentations

After countless hours of web searching, business marketing, and DIY books, we have discovered that color advertising, catching phrases, and face to face presentations are a great boost for business. While the concept is simple to understand, taking action can be a bit overwhelming, out of the comfort zone, or next to impossible due to time restraints.

Allow the staff at Prospectively Healthy to create, market, and present quality business presentations to help improve your visibility and spread the word about your business.

Own a real estate company? How about a presentation on the basics of buying a home

Own a factory or warehouse? When was your last presentation on quality lifting techniques and safety

Own a start-up company? We can help you lead staff meetings, and facilitate ice breaker activities to help your staff develop into a cohesive and strong team.

Our presentations are always research based, with sources available for all statistics and information provided. Our presentations are also designed to be about your business- meaning your logo, your color scheme, and your ideas are what we will portray.

The best part? If we create material specific for you- you can keep it. In case public speaking is in your future!