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Healthy gut, digestive support for gluten intolerances and more!



**Product description from the Sufficient- C Website**
“Glutenizer® Force Plus Kiwi Strawberry Digestive-Ade drink mix is a robust, compelling, naturally safe, full spectrum vegan enzyme drink mix that offers cool, refreshing, plant-based flavor. It is the perfect digestive aid solution that not only helps to prevent digestive upset it can also help remedy it as well by providing protection from the array of problematic proteins that can wreak digestive havoc by sneaking into your diet.
Glutenizer® Force Plus was created to help remedy and also prevent the familiar discomfort that results from that not-so-perfect meal and designed to be  enjoyed! 
Our one-of-a-kind FULL SPECTRUM, digestive formula also offers a generous dose of 2,000 mg. of our non-GMO, gut healthy, vitamin C per scoop (just like Sufficient-C® )

Imagine a digestive aid that effectively helps you digest every food group so that you will not only lose the suffering, you’ll also benefit from the nourishment that your food was designed to deliver! Sad, but true, indigestion often equates to mal-absorption and thereby mal-nourishment.  With malnourishment, over time leading to chronic disease, it is important to make seamless digestion a priority!

How? Enzymes aid in digestion and assist the body in healing. Foods that are deficient in enzymes, pull from your precious reserve.  As your reserve dwindles, indigestion rears its painful and dangerous head. This is an all too common problem that when not addressed naturally,  can have serious consequences not just for your digestive system, but also the long term health of your immune system.


Glutenizer® force Plus is a refreshing, sweet and satisfying digestive solution created so you can move beyond digestive discomfort and begin to heal! Created to help your digestive system properly break down your meals so you can embark upon digestive wellness.

While Glutenizer® force Plus is sensitive to all your sensitivities, it is always prudent to avoid those difficult-to-digest-proteins that you know are causing your digestive upset. However for those times that these proteins slip into your unsuspecting diet, our kiwi strawberry digestive-ade offers you support you can depend upon.

There are growing numbers of gluten sensitive souls, but there are many others that suffer from the inability to digest many difficult-to-digest proteins, gluten being just one of them. Turning to over-the-counter “digestive aids” i.e. antacids, proton pump inhibitors… in fact do not aid in digestion, they simply neutralize or reduce acid production which just makes the matter worse since these so called “remedies” a.k.a. Chemical solutions only target symptoms and are not capable of tackling digestion. Worse yet…you need that stomach acid!

Studies have proven that as we age acid production goes down. Therefore as we age it does not stand to reason that stomach acid is the source of your indigestion, rather that “burn” is more-than-likely the symptom of displaced stomach acid from digestive gases produced from undigested food that have remained in your gut far too long.

We say “leave your stomach acid alone” and work on healing your digestive system! Your stomach acid is vital to your digestive process.

Four calories, one carb and plant based natural flavors makes Glutenizer® Force Plus a low calorie, thirst quenching treat and the perfect accompaniment to any meal.

DRINK SMART! Don’t get caught by surprise. Mix it up with Glutenizer®Force Plus Kiwi-Strawberry Digestive-Ade drink mix.”


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