Space for Lease


Offering Integrative Health & Wellness Space 5 star Wellness Center Now Renting Space! Now Leasing Come join our Integrative Wellness Clinic as a 1099 individual or business. Competitive contracts, rates, and services at the BEST wellness center in Kansas!   We are looking for [...]

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This Logo: The Story of Us


This logo, you see, means the world to us. This logo, you see, is the One-Thousand Words in a Picture, story of our lives. This logo, IS PH. Allow me to introduce you. While the PH Logo was drawn in September of 2017, its concept began formation in 2010, while Dr. Moffitt was still a [...]

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25 Things You Can Do To Free Yourself From Toxins


In the month of July, we posted "25 Things You Can Do to Free Yourself From Toxins." Freedom is not always free. We are blessed to live in America, making us free individuals, but are you free from yourself and your environment? Here is a recap of our month-long tips and tricks to help [...]

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National Peanut Lover’s Day


Celebrate National Peanut Lover's Day with Prospectively Healthy National Peanut Lover's Day is celebrated nationally on March 15th. With such a simple holiday, why not put some new twists to the day and celebrate peanuts? Who doesn’t love PEANUTS in one way or another? They’re key things in peanut butter, [...]

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Pregnancy Vaginas


I’d like take a minute to talk about my vagina Author: Jessica Moffitt, BS, CHES Yes. I said it. I’d like to talk about my vagina. More specifically, let’s talk about all pregnancy vaginas and vaginas after childbirth. First thing is first- get your pelvic floor exercises in now. Seriously, [...]

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My Birth Plan


That was NOT what I put in my Birth Plan Author: Jessica Moffitt, BS, CHES This one was tough to write. This blog was supposed to be a gentle reminder to moms that a birth plan is for the ideal situation, when you are in complete control. But it doesn’t [...]

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Golden Memo of Breastfeeding


The Golden Memo: Comparison is the Enemy of Happiness Author: Jessica Moffitt, BS, CHES Okay, so after the basics? Where do you go from here? All the other questions you start asking as a new mom, especially when comparing your milk to others. Also, I love this quote. “Comparison is [...]

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My Motherhood Mantra


My Motherhood Mantra Author: Jessica Moffitt, BS, CHES Photo Credit: Lifestyle Portraits with Morgan, MKay Photography of Hays, Kansas My Parenting Mantra: I will not determine my value as a mother by the volume of milk I create Pumping had been scary to me. I was DEATHLY afraid that I would [...]

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Welcome to Motherhood


Welcome to the Motherhood Train, May I have all your sleep and Energy, please? Author: Jessica Moffitt, BS, CHES When I started writing this blog article, it was supposed to be a quick bullet point list. But you’ll find my passion and love for motherhood has been poured into it, [...]

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