The changing of the diet was a huge huge part of it. I work out three days a week for an hour each time and I maintain it easily. I kinda counted calories when I was losing weight. I just did some adding and rounding up to figure it in. Now this is only for a guy that worked out a lot, but I used to go five days a week for like two hours a day. I consumed 2800 calories maybe someday s 3200. I still lost weight but had to work so hard to keep muscle gain going. Which is where the two hours a day came in. For you….I would recommend a 1100 calorie diet a day if you really want to lose weight. You could try less for a few weeks but it is not advisable. You would hate it. And not really see a whole lot more from it. I can give you a diet plan you can follow, it is super clean and I followed it for a long time. Plus I kinda base it for portion sizes of how i eat now. Portion sizes is a good thing to get down. For a male trying to stay an average weight. They should consume no more than 6-8 oz of meat in a sitting. About 1 cup of carbs (potatoes,brown rice, etc.) and 1 1/2 cups of greens. For an average sized woman, 4-6oz of meat about 1/2 to 3/4 cup of carbs and about 1-1 1/2 cup of greens. Eat three meals, everyday. A good rule of thumb. Meals should get smaller through out the day. I usually try to make my lunch the best meal of the day. Biggest and most nutritious. Always eat breakfast. When I was on a hard core plan I broke down a meal plan into three meals and one snack in between so it goes; breakfast, snack, lunch, snack, dinner. Drink lots of water! By snack I mean a health conscious one. OK I just got done looking over the couch25k program. This is a great plan to use for a temporary basis. Do this two month thing. It should work great! Watch those calories. They are such a huge part of weight loss. I made the mistake of using the scale daily when i was losing weight. When I hit the plateau it was very discouraging. Set a day of the week to weigh. And always weigh at the same time of day. That way your weight fluctuation is exactly the same. If you do this program, what it is trying to do is teach you how to get the exercise and count calories. You would be so surprised that if you eat healthy, clean , and fresh stuff, exactly how much food you can eat in a day. Shoot 2800, eating fast food could be done in two meals and you would still be hungry. When I had to eat that much and on my diet plan i created. I was so sick of shoving food in my mouth, it was like i was constantly eating. Just choose wisely. I did not switch all at once. If you ever feel discouraged and need a helping hand, i am here for you. My buddy helped me through some hard spots. He helped me lose weight, I helped him train for body building. Win Win! I am not sure how much you weigh. The only thing that I could recommend to change with that cardio program is….if your joints do not give you problems…try doing sprints in place of some of those short jogs. Rapid bursts of energy consumption of giving it your all will burn far more calories. Just don’t push if it hurts. If it hurts stick to the jogging. In addition if you have time, try to add some strength training. Like get some small dumbbells, or a resistance band, or do pure calisthenics. I posted a link for you to describe some beginning exercises. Lunges are great for the thighs and gluts if done properly. Also for the tummy area. Do standing abdominal torso twists. Think of it this way;(all movements with abs clenched and butt clenched, the butt will help you learn how to flex your lower back muscle) take your left shoulder and extend your torso back to your left then rotate to the front bending forward for maximum ab crunch and then to the right. repeat 10-20 times. This will help show results quicker because it works upper, lower abs and the obliques. OK food. Try to eat as much poultry and fish as possible. I eat so much chicken. If you don’t like fish, which i don’t really, try tilapia, it tastes like whatever you want it to taste like. no fishy flavor. I have switched entirely to ground turkey if i must used ground meat. Red meats just take to long to digest. So help you metabolism speed up and give it easy stuff. Fresh baby spinach is great to eat, you can eat it plain with small amounts of dressing, or salsa or cottage cheese. Brown rice, plain sweet potatoes boiled are super sweet and need nothing. cottage cheese, great food. If you like omelets try an egg white omelet. delicious! Go with whole grains in every way you can, plus they are full of flavor. Do you like spaghetti? Try using spaghetti squash as the noodles. Super low cal and tastes great. I know… squash gross, i don’t like squash much either but spaghetti squash is great. only smells like squash before you bake it. After it is just fine. If at all possible switch to fat free or sugar free in as many cases as you can. I use honey as a sweetener. Packed with energy and helps the immune system. If you can not make the direct switch to fat free go slowly. Go with reduced fat, or low sugar first. Like I said the key to success is slow changes. Then after a while those things begin to taste great and the other full fat full sugar starts to taste kinda gross. I kind of lost track what all I have said, darn small fb window. Any way I can give you meal ideas, or you can shoot me some of your typical s and I can help make small improvements on them. Ball is in your court, just shoot me any questions or concerns you may have.