PH Beauty

We understanding that looking and feeling your best is at the top of your list. Please use our color match form to submit your request for picking out a palette of easy, clean, cream make up. Use the guides below to help understand placement, or reach out for a free 15 minute demonstration!


Highlight your natural beauty, accent what you want to pop and catch light naturally, and contour where you want to create or deepen shadows. Use your finger to apply very small, thin dots to create a layer all over your face, and then blend with our IIID brush for a full look.

The Paint by Numbers Approach

My preferred approach for a gentle, air-brushed look. Use the Blush & Bronzer brush to apply make up directly from your palette to the skin. One small thin layer across your face is all you need for the perfect look.

Why Seint?

No matter what method you choose, know that Seint is custom matched to your skin. It highlights your natural beauty. Even better, it is creme-based for ultra hydration, full of clean, simple ingredients that minimize your exposure to traditional cosmetic toxins, and is extremely affordable.

Gather your Seint make up choices in a fun, easy, compact palette that will hold on your necessities, declutter your counter space, and revolutionize your beauty routine.