Burst Training for Fast Fat Loss

Burst training involves short, intense 30 – 60 second bursts with active recovery of one-to-two minutes. Active recovery means you’re moving at a low intensity, so you can catch your breath and get your heart rate back down.

You want to shoot for 4 to 12 total minutes of high intensity bursts. You’re looking, then, at a total 20 – 30 minute workout. It’s intense, and you should be breathless by the end. Otherwise, you’re not working out hard enough.

Among its benefits:

1. Burst training raises your anabolic hormones. Exercise raises your stress hormones, period. But with burst training, you’re also raising anabolic (building) hormones that counteract the stress hormones’ negative effects.
2. Burst training helps your body handle stress and recover more efficiently.
3. Burst training raises lactic acid. Increased amounts of lactic acid spike growth hormone and support fat burning.
4. Burst training creates a bigger metabolic cost. In other words, metabolic recovery burns more calories (particularly fat calories) after you exercise. That’s why I say burst to blast fat: burst training makes you an all-day fat-burning machine.

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