Curiosity hath struck me!
We are talking about Rhogam in class and the use of it preventing a Rh – mother from attacking an Rh + fetus.
***I am speaking purely from a genetic stand point, so please only comment and share information pertaining to such. ***
Our world is becoming more accustomed to using anything and everything to make every fetus born by any means possible. Our bodies have these mechanism to terminate offspring that the body deems "inferior genetics". A naturally aborted fetus is something that happens. My heart goes out to those that have to deal with such a loss, but most likely it was due to prevent a born individual with genetic faults. More-so of a screening process.
If you look at it purely from an animalistic stand point, if an animal can not produce offspring with one in particular, and it finds a "will" to reproduce, it finds another mate to try with, or has multiple mates at which it attempts reproduction with. I am fully for the monogamous lifestyle amongst humans, but if I can not reproduce, I see myself not going to every means to do so, because it most likely means I was not meant to reproduce, either with just my genetics, or that combined of mine with my mates. Therefore I see it that If I can not reproduce and still wish to have a child, adoption would be a great fulfillment of this.

If you find articles pertaining to this, please message me with them if you care to share.