Primary Care Physicians

With so many variations in definition, the term Primary Care requires a bit of explanation in the medical field. Here at Prospectively Healthy, Dr. Dustin Moffitt believes that a primary care physician is someone who does your annual exam, screenings, and blood work. But further than this, they are an individual that is available year round- without a waiting list that is months in duration. We intend to be there for you, 100% of the way.

Beyond the typical questions of Why am I sick again and What is this rash, we want to be there for you- so you can make the best out of your life- on your own standards.

Wanting to start running again, but not sure if your body can handle it? We have lots of ideas for you.

Wanting to prevent the flu this season, without getting a flu shot? We are here to help you.

Want to know how you can sleep through the dog’s snoring? We can probably help you with that, too.

No matter what the topic, we love to hear from you. Because as your primary care doctor, we want to be the primary person you trust for all of your questions- in sickness, health, and happiness.