We currently carry a select variety of supplements in our office. They are a compilation of our most popular supplements, and the supplements that may be needed more quickly than an online order can provide. For a complete list of supplements available online and shipped directly to your door, check out our Supplement Dispensary.

  • Sufficient-C

    $ 43.99

  • Ostinol Advanced 450

    $ 109.00

  • Eskaloft

    $ 49.99

  • TherBiotic Complete

    $ 84.99

  • Vitamin D 10,000 IU

    $ 16.99

  • Vitamin A

    $ 9.99

  • Glutenizer

    $ 18.99

  • Glutathione

    $ 43.99

  • Sleep Factors

    $ 45.99

  • Abundant B 2,000mg Powder

  • Multi-Thera 1

    $ 50.99

  • O.N.E. Multivitamin

    $ 43.99

After over 7 years of clinical experience with micronutrients and functional medicine from a naturopathic perspective, Dr. Moffitt carefully selected a top 10 list of products designed to represent optimal wellness. Look for the PH logo on these favorites!

We know your “Well” isn’t only about micronutrients. That’s why we carry important “Well” products like our WellBiotic, BioNutragenesis Sleep Factors, and BioNutragenesis Eskaloft for balacing of immune health, sleep hygiene, and mental health. Pick up these three products together for an additional 10% savings! Mention code WELL10 to receive this discount.

Regenerative Medicine, the use of prolotherapy, prolozone, and platelet rich plasma therapy to heal ligaments, tendons, and muscles, is a force all of it’s own. For those looking for an additional push in the healing process, we encourage pairing any combination of cyplexinol (R) with your appointments. Products include Ostinol 150, 450, and 5x. Speak with our Doctor to find out which strength is best for you. Interested in a sample? Be sure to ask how you can try the 5x for FREE!

Shop Water Enhancing Options!

Sufficient C is a vitamin C supplement, sweetened with Stevia, that tastes like delicious lemonade! Two scoops in one of our PH Swag Water bottles provides you with 4,000mg of Vitamin C and 64 ounces of your water for the day- and tastes just like an ice cold lemonade! Ask our front desk for a sample. You won’t regret it!

For that quick fix energy without the crash, check out Abundant B! a 2,000mg serving of vitamin B’s wrapped up in a delicious raspberry lemonade! Pairs nicely with Sufficient C, but is also great on it’s own! Ask our receptionist for a sample.

Having trouble with bloating after high carbohydrate meals and gluten? Check out Glutenizer! A delicious strawberry kiwi flavor, sweetened with Stevia. Pro Tip- this makes a great mocktail before heading out for Burgers, Pizza, and other delicious gluten-containing foods, and provides some healthy gut help for digesting those nutrients!