Elevate Your Fitness Journey with Coach Jess:

Unleashing the Power of Well with Fitness Coaching

Welcome to the PH Studio, where we are committed to transforming fitness aspirations into tangible results. Our innovative approach to fitness training is designed to cater to individuals at every level, providing a unique blend of group classes, personalized one-on-one sessions, and customized monthly training programs. Discover a holistic and practical fitness experience that meets and exceeds your goals.

We offer two styles of programs:


TransFORM Fit: the cobination of breathwork, agility, and strength together to focus on building muscle mass and inner strength. TransFORM Fit classes are avialable for all ages, experience levels, and skill levels.

MindFULL Fit: a mental health centered flow, focusing on stress reduction, breathing, and stretching to open your mind for the day. We emphasize self love and positive affirmations in this course. MindFULL Fit is open to all experience levels, ages, and skill levels.



MINDFULL Fit Group Classes:

Our one-hour group classes held twice a week, offer a dynamic and engaging environment for individuals of all fitness levels. Led by our experienced trainer, these sessions foster a sense of community, motivation, and shared progress. With carefully curated workouts, our group classes aim to challenge and inspire, ensuring you get the most out of every session. If you sign up the day before classes are 10 dollars a session, or save some money and book a whole month for just $75 for the month. Payments can be paid within the portal, or via venmo to @prospectively-healthy. Sign up is due no later than 8pm the night before class to reserve your spot.

Current Class Times: Tuesday 515A-615A, Thursday 515A-615A; 209 W 12th Street, Hays KS 67601

TransFORM Fit Group Classes:

Coming Soon!


Personal Training Sessions:

For those seeking a more tailored fitness experience, our in-person personal training sessions are the perfect solution. Priced at $60 per hour, these sessions address your unique fitness needs, focusing on your strengths, weaknesses, and specific goals. Our certified trainer is dedicated to guiding you through personalized workouts, providing real-time feedback, and ensuring that each session maximizes your potential.

Monthly Training Programs:

Take your fitness journey to the next level with our monthly training programs, priced at $250 monthly. This comprehensive package includes a carefully crafted workout routine customized to your goals, fitness level, and preferences. But that’s not all – you’ll also benefit from one in-person monthly session to review your progress, refine your technique, and make any necessary adjustments to your program.

Why Choose the PH Studio?

Personalized Approach: We recognize that every individual is unique, and so are their fitness goals. Our training programs are tailored to your needs, ensuring a more effective and rewarding experience.

Flexibility: Whether you prefer the camaraderie of group classes, the individual attention of personal training, or the structure of a monthly program, we offer diverse options to suit your lifestyle.

Experienced Training: Coach Jess brings a wealth of experience and expertise to guide you on your fitness journey. She is committed to your success and passionate about helping you achieve your goals.

Holistic Progress Tracking: With regular check-ins and monthly in-person sessions for program reviews, we prioritize your progress. This holistic approach ensures that your fitness routine evolves with you, adapting to your changing needs.





At the PH Studio, we believe that fitness is a journey, not a destination. Whether you’re looking to challenge yourself in a group setting, receive individualized attention, or follow a structured monthly program, we have the perfect solution. Elevate your fitness experience and embark on a transformative journey towards a healthier, stronger, and more confident you. Join us today, and let’s make your fitness goals a reality.