Okay I started out at 265. I am now at 180 ish with body fat percentage at around 6-10%, it varies. I was down to 172 but was to small so now I am trying to gain straight muscle weight. Immediately after moving out of the house like with in three months I dropped 30 lbs just by choosing what I ate and not buying much junk food. Over the last few years I had made slow gradual changes and all the stuff I used to like… I either hate… or on the tempting ones I convince myself I hate them… most of the time. I will allows myself Ice cream from baskin robbins about 4 times a year. And about three donuts a year or so from donut whole. The absolute key to is is teaching yourself how to change slowly if you want it to last. Do not expect miracles. I can help you lose it fast, but if you are not liking the immediate change you will almost always go back. OK say you like chocolate cake. I know I used to. The boxes are made with oil, water, egg. A small change you will not notice besides that the cake is oh so moist. Replace all of those ingredients with a can of pumpkin and a little water to get the consistency. Um if you bake with Crisco….immediately replace 3/4 of the amount with plain non sweetened apple sauce. I have now switched to full apple sauce. It is great. I like to tell people to clean up what you eat in the best way possible. Nothing needs salt. Unless you were working outside the whole day and were drenched. Your body gets way beyond the limit of sodium just from everyday items. Best advice for shopping for groceries. Shop the outside perimeters of the store. Cooking with fresh ingredients will help you lose weight. The only canned stuff I eat is, beans (which if I bought dry and cooked at home and froze i would save a ton of money and they would be more nutritious), stewed tomatoes, diced tomatoes, artichokes, and tuna. Avoid all canned vegetables, they are empty calories and have lost all nutritional value. Frozen vegetables are fine, just don’t use butter. If you want a fatty taste us extra virgin olive oil. It provides good fats.. as do avocados. Cheeses. When I must use cheese I use full to part skim mozzarella. As a replacement for cheese a good suggestion is hummus. which goes well on almost anything. Or avocados. It makes your cravings happy and reduces calories while providing nutrition. Find a vice for cravings. Mine are keep fruit around, PEANUT BUTTER, I eat so much peanut butter, about a jar every other week. lo I recommend Naturally More, cheap at sams. Yum. I also keep Kroger lite yogurts, and for the chocolate cravings, find a good dark chocolate. Hide it out of plain sight and only use it in emergencies. Trust me it helps. I know this is so much information, but I am so passionate about this. Please if I can help you or anyone in any way let me know. If I did not answer any questions you have or approached it wrongly let me know… I will find a way. Do not give up. I hit so many hard times at losing it I got discourages but that is where if you are determined you find more things to help and rely on friends. I am running a 5k called frosty 5k at YMCA Saturday morning at 11 am, starts at downtown central YMCA. You and him should consider it. You do not even have to run. It is walk, jog, run. The only thing is late sign up is more expensive but if you go soon you might still get a free shirt. I started it last year and figured it is a great tradition to keep, even tho i hate the cold. Oh and as for having a healthy body, mind, or what have you. Guys and girls that you see ripped up…. most are truly hard core serious…or dieted to look good for that photo shoot. Hell I still have trouble making the whole six pack show everyday. or even a two pack, lol. But a good rule of thumb 80% of their looks come from diet, meaning what they eat. 20% comes from exercise. Oh and don’t drink your calories. Save that to savor for food time. : ) Stay strong it is entirely possible. I have so much more to share, but don’t want to over do it this time.. but please feel free to ask anything. I will find they way to relay it to you and any one in the right way. I would love to hang out with you both soon. Enjoy and hope it helps! Have a wonderful closing to this year and great opening to the next!!!!! And thanks for the inspiring words, every little bit helps.