This logo, you see, means the world to us. This logo, you see, is the One-Thousand Words in a Picture, story of our lives. This logo, IS PH. Allow me to introduce you.

While the PH Logo was drawn in September of 2017, its concept began formation in 2010, while Dr. Moffitt was still a student at NCNM, the National College of Naturopathic Medicine- now NUNM. Long before we knew there would be a union of our two worlds, long before we even knew there would be an “US”- Dr. Moffitt created “Prospectively Healthy”- the idea that we could always work towards being a healthier version of ourselves. At the time, the mission of Prospectively Healthy was a challenge- What have you done for your health, today? What CAN you do for your health today? It was full of information he learned along the way in medical school, helping spread his rapidly growing understanding of health.

Dr. Moffitt graduated in 2016, with the desire to work under the Prospectively Healthy brand, but without the means or knowledge to make it happen. We moved to Hays, Kansas in March of 2017 to take a clinical position, again, under another brand. In September of that year, Jessica decided to launch her career in the health field as a clinician, with 6 years of administrative healthcare experience under her belt, and a degree in Public Health. A pipedream at the time, Dr. Moffitt and Jessica decided that they would work towards someday becoming an integrative team, under the Prospectively Healthy brand. Rather than creating her own brand, Jessica worked on defining the Prospectively Healthy brand. As the conversations and brainstorming sessions grew and took shape, Dr. Moffitt and Jessica realized they wanted Prospectively Healthy to represent a few very important pieces:

  1. That our roots, our foundation, are more important than anything else. That strong roots yield strong foundations, and strong foundations yield stronger versions of ourselves.
  2. Strength. A stronger version of each of us is achievable with determination and hard work. It wasn’t an overnight solution, and it didn’t happen quickly.
  3. While “Medicine” as we know it is important to health, and will forever be a part of our mission, we would see “medicine” through a different lens than most, and that would be okay, as long as we were willing to teach it.
  4. Resiliency. Despite what may come, we would choose to be resilient in our health, and teach others the same. This would be put to the test in 2023- more to come on that in a later story.
  5. Our background. The “WHY” behind the name. Dr. Moffitt went into medicine after seeing his family- his native-to-Kansas family, get sick from illnesses that shouldn’t have occurred, and ultimately pass away from complications. A piece of Kansas needs to exist within this brand. Afterall, the evolution of Prospectively Healthy as we knew it, was taking shape on Kansas soil, in a small-town Kansas home. 
  6. Our brand needed to represent the idea that we are always growing. Always evolving.

In September of 2017, we began creating the Picture Worth 1,000 words for our brand. A traditional medical symbol, converted to have strong and bold borders that set definition and limits, filled with wood to represent the strong roots we would build in our health, with wings of Kansas wheat showing our resiliency, growth, and background. And of course, the initials- P.H.

Jessica saw her first clients under the Prospectively Healthy brand in late fall 2017, continuing to carry on a brand that Dr. Moffitt had created, and together they had strengthened. 5 years later, in October of 2022, Jessica completed her Master Certified Health Education Specialist (MCHES) program, and began trademarking the concepts she had created under the Prospectively Healthy Brand: 

  • MindFULL Fit- the idea that the health of our mind, and fitness of our mind, is crucial to becoming a stronger version of ourselves; and,
  • TransFORM FIT- the idea that while we are transforming our bodies into a stronger version of ourselves, we are also FORMing who we want to be and FORMing our new definition of ourselves.

Little did we know these preparations would yield a foundation for yet another evolution for Prospectively Healthy in 2023. Up until this point, Prospectively Healthy had been about building healthy lifestyles, about incorporating healthy habits and education to become stronger versions of ourselves. It did NOT include medical care, regenerative injections, hormone care, chronic illness, or recovery from illness and disease. It did not include… Dr. Moffitt.

You see, Prospectively Healthy didn’t plan for PH Wellness to be born. But like all great changes in life, the unexpected change was a blessing. In January of 2023, the decision was made for us. The decision, for our pipedream from so long ago, to come true. PH Wellness was added to the family. The idea that in addition to being Prospectively Healthy…. We must also work on wellness- becoming well again. Well from illness and disease; Well from trauma and damage; “WELL” from what used to be.


And so here we are, 2023. Welcome to PH: Prospectively Healthy, and PH Wellness. Where the combination of regaining WELL after disease, illness, and disarray meets living healthy lifestyles, all to become a stronger version of you. Cheers, 2023. The best is yet to come.