• a Free 15 minute consultation on the options we offer for weddings. 20% off for sessions booked at the consultation. Consultation is available in digital format.
  • $40 for a 1-hour session. This is not healthcare advice, or meant to diagnose or treat any disease. It is meant simply to help you organize your goals and set your goals in a meaningful way supported by the trans-theoretical model.
  • Add the simplicity of click-n-go shopping to your meal plans! We will load your grocery list into your preferred shopping app, and let you know when it's ready. Cross off the list what you already have at home, and schedule the pick up!
  • 5 exercises per day, that you can do at home or at work! Easy, simple exercises that help you gain strength and health!
  • Includes a grid of 7 days worth of meals at a time, based on a short consultation, and the recipe cards and instructions to go with. Does not include food.