Ever had that “foggy” feeling and you just can’t think right? Increasing the amount of anti-oxidants in your diet can help with this, but sometimes it is just hard to get the right amount in through eating. I use this product and it really helps me stay focused, plus it contains a high quality fish oil so this saves me money in the end by having both of the products in one. Send me a message if you have any questions of the benefits that all natural high flavonoid/antioxidant water extracted New Zealand pine bark extract can offer you.


I will be tabling in the hallway on Thursday October 24th from 12-3. Come and ask me about our new product ENZO Brain Recovery as well as ENZO Professional. If you say the code word  SPONGIFORM ENCHEPALOPATHY or SPONGEBOB you can win a free piece of dark chocolaty goodness.  Also if you order from me on  the day I table, you will get 10% off of wholesale price! See you Thursday!