Networking & Credentialing

Steer clear of the headaches and hassles of networking. As a health care professional, you have spent a few (at minimum) years, and several thousand dollars learning how to do what you do best- help clients and patients become and stay healthy. Don’t weigh down your valuable time with network set up.

Trust the staff at Prospectively Healthy, LLC to help guide you through the process of provider registration, enrollment, medical credentialing, and networking at an affordable rate.

Get help setting up:

Office Set Up: Software registration, online lab integration, lab set up, billing set up, Super Bills, Invoicing, and Price Sheets.

Provider Registration: National Provider Identification Numbers, Tax Identification Numbers, Business Identification Numbers, and more

Provider Data Base Registration: PECOS, CAQH, OneHealthPort, Availity, and more

Medical Credentialing: commercial companies such as Aetna, American Specialty Heath, Blue Cross, Cigna, CHP, Healthnet, Humana, Providence, United, and more

Take your networking and set up one step further, and begin reaching thousands more instantly! Help with social media set up, chambers, local network groups, and marketing websites such as Yelp, Google Maps, and more!

Get a head start in marketing your practice to patients and clients. We promise you that the investment now will lead to savings in the future, and a quicker influx of business revenue.

Our pricing per hour is $40. It includes all printing materials, internet usage, and mailing if necessary. All hourly works includes a summary of accounts created, and free updates on progress.

If you would like help getting started on your credentialing- where to send packets, which packets to fill out, and what information is needed- the fee is a flat $75. This does not include any help past the initial set up process. Additional services will be billed at the hourly rate.

If you are looking to get started with social media only, the set up fee is currently $75. This includes Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, Instagram, Google Plus, and Yelp.

If you would like help generating a super bill, and creating a fee schedule for your  medical practice, the rate is a flat $100 per practitioner. This will include a list of common ICD-10s for your practice, CPT codes for service, and their prices. Can be set up in a PDF format or within a software program of your choice.

Looking to integrate with lab companies, run labs in your office, and get your lab supplies ordered, but have no clue where to start? Look no further- we have you covered. The lab set up fee is $250 for up to 7 in house lab companies. It will include an electronic binder of materials and account information upon completion.

Our business is largely based on referrals. Get 25% off one service for referring a customer who makes a purchase- and your referral gets 25% off, too!

Jessica Moffitt has 5 years of working in a medical office doing networking, marketing, and credentialing for a number of different providers.