RE: Coronavirus

Author: Jessica Moffitt, BS, CHES

A strong, well equipped military wins the battle.
Let’s get real. The Coronavirus is real. it’s been real since the 1960’s. The media exposure is for certain heightened. The presence in our areas? Possibly heightened as well. How do you avoid it? There’s no certain answer.

However, you can equip your immune system with the tools it needs for the best possible odds for winning, including essential vitamins, great quality food, adequate sleep, and water. Minimize infiltration at the front line by washing your hands thoroughly and frequently. Don’t share beverages. Don’t lick walls.

And if you believe that you NEED a supplement to help make this happen, find good quality supplements that support your immune system as a whole. If you would like more information about these vitamins and herbs, I’d love to help educate you. I’ll share what I know. I’ll share what I take. And I’ll do my best to help.

It’s no guarantee for success. It’s not medical advice. It’s not a replacement for talking to your primary care provider about your concerns. And it’s not a reason for ignoring symptoms, if they happen. But it’s a start.

Here are some supplements that we love for general immune boosting properties- including helping fight off Coronavirus.


Elderberry has long-since been used to treat respiratory illnesses, and also a means of cold and flu prevention.





Echinacea is a member of the coneflower family, originating from eastern and central North America. In particular, three species of Echinacea, namely E. purpurea, E. angustifolia and E. pallida, have been used as a treatment for respiratory tract infections and inflammatory conditions, including common cold, coughs, bronchitis, and inflammation of mouth and pharynx in native medicine.





Similar to the echinacea plant, astragalus consists of different plant parts, including polysaccharides, flavonoids, and saponins. Main therapeutic focus is currently on the plant’s immunomodulating and anti-oxidant effects.





Vitamin A
Vitamin A plays a crucial role in the production of platelets and white blood cells, helping to increase the fighting forces of the immune system. It is also a regulator of integument and mucous barriers.





Vitamin C
Immune cell stimulation and cell recharging are fueled by vitamin C. While a Daily Recommended Value helps promote normal function, research on therapeutic values as a heighten fuel source for illness and compromised immune system has led to therapeutic use of Vitamin C intravenously. Vitamin C is a complex molecule, and therefore purchasing a liposomal vitamin C is ideal for the best absorption percentages within the body.



Multi-vitamin Supplements are a great way to supplement what we do not get enough of in our daily nutrition. While most multi-vitamins are geared towards a total body approach, there are a few multi-vitamins that are specific to the immune system, and consist of blends such as Vitamin A, C, Echinacea, and elderberry all in one product.





For Children
Herbal and vitamin supplementation for children is a bit trickier than that for an adult, as therapeutic values change and delivery methods might be more difficult (i.e. tablet versus liquid). We recommend herbal blends and immune boosting supplements from Gaia Herbs, including their Kids Defense Herbal Drops.





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*This information is not intended to diagnose, treat, or cure. This information is general to the public and is not medical advice. Please seek assistance from a qualified healthcare professional if you have questions regarding your health, are experiencing symptoms, or are in need of medical attention. Jessica Moffitt is a health educator and not a doctor or physician.*