Because I think we are not all in the position to make the best choices 100% of the time, I have come to the conclusion that the best place for everyone to start is with making “better” choices. I have had many people in the past few months ask me how I eat healthy all the time. My answer? The truth: I don’t. I make better choices whenever possible, and always aim for the best choice. Well, this starts a long conversation of examples, and here are my top five:

1. Chocolate. Because when I signed up for a lifestyle of being fit and healthy, I scribbled out the clause that said no candy or sweets. I make a better choice by getting dark chocolate over milk (the darker the better), that has natural fillings such almonds or sea salt, rather than mint crème filling and artificial caramel.

2. I drink Kombucha instead of soda. (There will be a blog about this later). It still gives the caffeine effect, with the carbonation we all love, while providing ourselves with healthy bacteria and nutrients to help decrease inflammation and increase our immune system.

3. Fast Food. I don’t do it. Period. I really truly believe that there is no such thing as healthy fast food. Salads served in plastic containers, chicken breasts pre frozen, and year old grease frying out what little nutrients is in the food they serve is unappealing in my eyes. However, I have had the “too tired to cook” or “too little time” attitude about dinner. I recommend a deli. Get sliced lunch meat, a salad mix, and sometimes if you are lucky you can even find a veggie spring mix that is pretty good. Its still quick, but its definitely a better choice.

4. French fries. I LOVE burgers and fries. But I love even more the idea of a healthy burger and sweet potato fries. (See the recipe for burger night)

5. Coffee. We all need an extra little kick sometimes. I always want a better coffee choice. Like your coffee sweet? Use Stevia. Like your coffee diluted? Try water or soy. Like your triple shot, heavy whip, no foam, extra caramel, caramel macchiato? Try a “Shots in the dark, quarter soy, two pumps caramel, extra hot coffee.” Translation? Awesomeness 🙂

Stick around for more better choices!