Golden Memo of Breastfeeding


The Golden Memo: Comparison is the Enemy of Happiness Author: Jessica Moffitt, BS, CHES Okay, so after the basics? Where do you go from here? All the other questions you start asking as a new mom, especially when comparing your milk to others. Also, I love this quote. “Comparison is [...]

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Cold Remedies & Prevention


Cold Remedies & Prevention Author: Jessica Moffitt, BS, CHES Understanding colds, the symptoms associated, and how to support your body in the natural healing process with healthy cold remedies and prevention. Medical Terms: The Cold and the Flu are both viral infections. This means that at some point we were [...]

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9 Secrets to Health


9 Secrets to Health Jessica Moffitt, BS, CHES    |   Certified Health Education Specialist    |   Prospectively Healthy The purpose of this blog is to introduce you to the structure and foundation of Prospectively Healthy, and to help you understand that health is attainable for all. These 7 secrets of health are simple ways to integrate health [...]

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Do you ever wonder why you are not “full” after some foods?


          This is a great visual example of why we often over indulge. Our body is not able to feel that we just ingested 400 calories of oil or meat in 3 minutes, as it did not trigger a stretch response in the stomach. That is why you feel full, yet [...]

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10 Reasons to Run (Even If You Don’t Like Running!)


August 13, 2013 SUMMARY: This is a guest post from Susan Olding, award-winning writer, poet, and avid exerciser – albeit reluctant runner. Susan’s one of my coaching clients. In this guest post she shares her love/hate relationship with running. And, she illustrates why sometimes, even if we don't like a particular form of exercise, it can [...]

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Circadian ryhthm in plants and the effect on their nutrients?


How Circadian Rhythms Give Vegetables A Healthy Boost by Allison Aubrey June 20, 2013 6:34 PM Click the link to hear the lecture.   Just as we have internal clocks that help regulate the systems in our bodies, fruit and vegetable plants have circadian rhythms, too. And a new study published in Current Biology [...]

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Childhood Obesity


According to World Health Organization (WHO), one child in every three aged 6 to 9 years is overweight or obese. What can you do TODAY to help change this? Email us at

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Enzogenol Brain Recovery

2013-06-10T03:54:55+00:00 So proud to see that the company I work for is making such a huge impact on people's lives. Here is a news story from New Zealand relating to our new product Enzo Brain Recovery. ENZOGENOL® + Ultra-pure DHA-rich Omega-3 ◾ Each capsule contains: ◾ 200 mg ENZOGENOL per capsule ◾ 200 mg Ultra-pure [...]

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Why Blood Sugar Matters for Fat Loss


If you think blood sugar problems are reserved for those with diabetes or its  cousin, Metabolic Syndrome X – think again. The truth is that we are all  constantly managing blood sugar swings.Your blood sugar is controlled by two main hormones: cortisol and insulin  (glucagon and epinephrine also play a role). Cortisol's main job is [...]

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