p-S10H3 is a proposed epigenetic marker for pain signaling that has shown to raise in relation to certain foods. This is another example of the foods that we eat everyday that can be leading to the pain that we feel for long periods of time or the pain the never seems to go away. To learn more about this please follow the link to the original article. If you want to learn more about living a pain free life, we here at Prospectively Healthy strive to help you live a happy, healthy and pain free life full of movement.

Image source: http://dx.doi.org/10.1371/journal.ppat.1003007

The above picture is showing how our foods and lifestyles can affect our DNA thru histone modifications.


Source: Torres-Pérez, J.V. et al. (2017). Phosphorylated Histone 3 at Serine 10 Identifies Activated Spinal Neurons and Contributes to the Development of Tissue Injury-Associated Pain. Scientific Reports, 7: 41221