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Offering Integrative Health & Wellness Space 5 star Wellness Center Now Renting Space! Now Leasing Come join our Integrative Wellness Clinic as a 1099 individual or business. Competitive contracts, rates, and services at the BEST wellness center in Kansas!   We are looking for [...]

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This Logo: The Story of Us


This logo, you see, means the world to us. This logo, you see, is the One-Thousand Words in a Picture, story of our lives. This logo, IS PH. Allow me to introduce you. While the PH Logo was drawn in September of 2017, its concept began formation in 2010, while Dr. Moffitt was still a [...]

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25 Things You Can Do To Free Yourself From Toxins


In the month of July, we posted "25 Things You Can Do to Free Yourself From Toxins." Freedom is not always free. We are blessed to live in America, making us free individuals, but are you free from yourself and your environment? Here is a recap of our month-long tips and tricks to help [...]

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Avoiding Artificial Food Coloring for Health Jessica Moffitt, BS, CHES    |   Certified Health Education Specialist    |   Prospectively Healthy Introduction Let's talk about artificial food coloring. Where it's at, why to avoid it, and how to avoid it. This transition can be daunting to some, but with simple steps outlined below, I promise you can do [...]


Epigenetics and the Microbiome


Epigenetics and Gastrointestinal Microbiomes Influence on the Gut-Brain Axis and its Effect on Disease Causation and Prevention. By Dustin Moffitt, ND, 2015 Copyrighted by: Prospectively Healthy © Abstract As we all know as laboratory diagnostic interpretations improve and we not only know more what markers to look for when testing, but also correlate what the [...]

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Sham surgery versus surgery for the shoulder outcomes are the same. There are more options.


Insurance companies approve most shoulder surgeries and yet the outcome is not any better between the actual corrective surgery and the sham surgery, where they make the patients think that the received the surgery. Time and time again I see patients that have gone through corrective surgeries or even total joint replacement surgeries in which [...]

Sham surgery versus surgery for the shoulder outcomes are the same. There are more options.2017-11-17T15:51:21+00:00

Patients and Doctors working together to improve health.


This wonderful article is a great example of short falls in the typical patient-doctor visit and relationship. No patient should receive the same treatment as the last one. "Clinicians need to have the wherewithal, working together with patients, to understand what is the matter with this person’s biology, and at the same time, what matters to [...]

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Walking for only 10 minutes improves blood sugar after meals.


Several studies show how diabetes, particularly type 2,  can benefit from exercise, however in this study it shows that even the slightest change can help in reducing blood glucose levels. The study examined whether taking 10-minute episodes of walking after each meal provided greater benefit than a single 30-minute walk. The investigators found that [...]

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New pain marker that is triggered by foods!


p-S10H3 is a proposed epigenetic marker for pain signaling that has shown to raise in relation to certain foods. This is another example of the foods that we eat everyday that can be leading to the pain that we feel for long periods of time or the pain the never seems to go away. [...]

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Winter Pancakes


[recipe id="1113"] This winter pancake recipe is perfect for fast-paced mornings and preparing ahead. We love to put the dry ingredients in a mason jar, and a label on the outside of the jar of the wet ingredients still needed. Mix up a couple jars at a time, and store them in the cabinet. The [...]

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