Insurance companies approve most shoulder surgeries and yet the outcome is not any better between the actual corrective surgery and the sham surgery, where they make the patients think that the received the surgery. Time and time again I see patients that have gone through corrective surgeries or even total joint replacement surgeries in which they come out no better than they were before, and in some causes worse. This is not the case in all of them, a portion of the patients that go through surgeries do feel better, and for those I am grateful.

“Neither labral repair nor biceps tenodesis had any significant clinical benefit over sham surgery for patients with SLAP II lesions in the population studied.”

Do not feel like you need to be bullied by anyone or any company into doing a therapy you do not wish to go through. There are always other options. Educate yourselves, ask questions, look up the answers, ask your doctors, ask for second opinions, etc. Not a single doctor out there knows everything, I myself fall into that category, but I am here to help you find the answers.

If you are injured or in pain, there are plenty of options for you.

Some but not limited to are
– dietary and lifestyle interventions to reduce total inflammation and promote healing
– exercise routines
– pain education and reteaching your body and appreciating why our body tells us about pain
– spiritual and mental counseling, also known as Cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT)
– Physical modalities: massage, myofascial scrapping therapies, acupuncture, manipulations
– Pharmaceuticals and/or nutrient and botanical medicine supplementation
– Invasive procedures: Regenerative injections, cortisone shots, surgeries

As you can see there are many different options to choose from and they all have their benefits and issues. Choose wisely, ask questions. Be safe and be healthy.

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